Face Behind The Mask

Dedicated to Creative Writing class.

Good evening, this is Pudy speaking.

The night before the first meeting of Creative Writing class, I happened to read some articles about Creative Writing in the world's best universities. From what I learned from those articles, Creative Writing subject is mostly talking about fiction, poetry, and play. I have a bit of confidence in this class, because I've been being used to writing fictions. I did expect that I would write a lot of things indeed, but I didn't expect that I should post them in a blog. I just knew about it a few hours before the class begin; it was my friend who told me about it.

In the first meeting, Mr. Dalih as the class instructor taught us about the difference between "show" and "tell", as the division of description. He also instructed us to write description about our five senses. Here is my problem begin. I'm kind of a liar. I wear mask. I didn't know any places that I grow to like because I didn't really have time to go around that much. In the end, I made up some of the descriptions of my senses, like sight and smell.

Therefore, I'm very sorry to Mr. Dalih because my writing is mostly not about my own experience. Words written on my paper - and perhaps this blog, and the posts following - are born rather from my wild imagination.

What I hope for this semester's Creative Writing class...
Well, I don't hope much, because I believe in all the factors in this class; like a good instructor and a good method to write creatively. What I hope for myself is to be able to recognize - or develop - my skill in writing. If people were to read this blog, I hope they would find something interesting; not simply some sort of random articles about assignments that I post, but also an entertainment in its content.
Isn't it nice to see your reader smile?

Have a nice weekend!

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