Senses are the system in our body that help us to feel the surrounding. It's like a radar - of aircraft, of submarine, of the antenna of bugs - only that our senses are more perfect. With senses, you can see the object in front of you, recognize a certain scent by sniffing it, listen to your favorite music, taste the delicious food your mother cook for dinner, and feel the touch of your father's palm on your skin. You, I, and every beings in this world should be thankful everyday, every time, to have such perfection of those five senses.

Everyone has their own secret places, don't they? Just a place where they can enjoy being with themselves, probably. As for me, my most favorite place is the rooftop. It is a place where I can see the sky without any limitations. On the rooftop, the floor is so wide that I can lay down on to it and roll around as much as I like. When I lay flat on my back and face the bright blue sky that is so high above, sometimes I can see birds flying against the flow of the vapor trail. The cumulonimbus looks so fluffy and when I reach my hand up, I can feel like touching it, imagining it as a lump of cottons brought by the wind. Sometimes those clouds look like a certain animal, like rabbit, cat, and even the head of a horse.

One thing I dislike about most of the rivers in metropolitan city is its smell. I don't know why but not only people who live around the suburbs that like to litter onto those rivers, but they who claim themselves as "modern people" also do the same! The trashes are all mixed and produce a very unpleasant odor; like the smell of a sour milk, baby diapers, and sewage. The stench of polluted rivers makes my stomach feel funny and want to throw up.

I like chocolate cake. Having a little piece of it is pure bliss. The texture of the soft cake melts very quickly on my tongue, and its bitter-sweetness sends a signal to my brain and forces me to curve my lips up into a smile. Not in a bad way, though.

I always hear someone singing a rock song the time I wake up in the morning. His voice is hoarse and tickling. The guitar distortion is very noisy but in an organized melody. The drum is very fast, sending dum dum dum right to my heart. All of the instruments hum so loudly as if they are lions roaring at the same time, making me shiver. Yet it stays in a beautiful rhythm that makes me feel like sleeping soon after I turn it off. I should really change my alarm ringtone - which entitled Catal Rhythm, a song by Old Codex, a Japanese rock band - to other more noisy song, really.

The tactile structure of my shoes? I usually wear a pair moccasins instead of sneakers. It is made from flannel - I guess, I don't know, it looks like flannel though - because the texture is very velvety when you touch it. The material is so soft, and feels nice against the tip of my fingers.

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