A Talk with A Flower

Me : Hello, Flower.

Flower : Good day, Human! Good day!

Me : Finally I can speak to you.

Flower : How can I help you, Human?

Me : Oh, nothing. I'm just... thinking about something... I guess?

Flower : If I am allowed to ask, may I know what is bothering your mind, Human?

Me : I was just wondering, why can flowers be so ugly?

Flowers : [seems to be surprised] How horrible of you! That is very rude!

Me : I am not being rude, you know. It was your own request though, to know what was I thinking. So I'm trying to be honest. Flowers are ugly.

Flower : We are nothing as you said. We are beautiful. People love my kind and our colors! We are the symbol of love. People resemble us too with friendship, cheer! Joy!

Me : Am I not people? I still dislike flowers. Besides, I don't get it why other people resemble you with such meaningless symbols. That is the biggest nonsense.

Flower : Do you have no sense yourself, Human? It is because of my color! My fragrance as well! Here, have a close look to me. There is this beautiful gradient of pink and white in my corona. It is a gift! But you, Human, look at yourself! You are being wrapped in artificial color and fragrance!

Me : Basically it is true; I wear clothes that make me colorful. I sprayed some perfume this morning so that I won't smell bad the whole day. So I guess you're right. But still, I think you have nothing attractive.

Flower : Dear Human, whom I had not yet known this morning, have I done something bad to you? How could you have heart to offend a weak flower like me, so much?

Me : Do you want to know that much? Knowing everything will only hurt you more, I guess.

Flower : I'd better know the painful truth rather than hearing a honey lie.

Me : Alright, as it is your own demand, then I guess it can't be helped then. Truth to be told, I don't like flowers. I don't like the beauty of your kind. No, I think, flowers have no beauty at any bit. Plus, you are dying the first time you bloom. I don't like your color too, it sickens me, and they make you look weaker. You let people kill you when you are in your perfect shape. Being killed resembles beauty? And you're proud of it? Oh, what a pity. Flowers must be hardcore masochists.

Flowers : [starts crying] What bad things have I done?

Me : Your "beautiful" pink colored corona fell and flew and it stuck in my hair.

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