[Fiction] Demons - 1/1

Title : Demons
Author : Pudy Kusumaningrum
Chapter : 1 - The Ocean Sovereign (01/01)
Word count : 2214
Genre : supernatural, alternate universe, friendship
Rating : T / PG
Disclaimer : Pudy's work of fiction. The storyline is Pudy's. The definitions and information belong to Wikipedia and Yahoo! Answer.
Warning : Do consider that this is just a work of fiction. Whether there's any similarities in names, or content offending one party or another, it is just coincidence.
prolog ]
He had faced the more complicated relationships compared to these three’s ordinary story. He had witnessed massacre, murder, and suicide, in result of releasing the desire of envy, throughout the world. But these three boys’ friendship was too plain, yet at the same time complicated and unpredictable. It was the first time he felt that way, even though he felt very stupid about it. Maybe, just maybe, what would happen in the future could be pretty much interesting.

First Encounter
Chapter 1 : The Ocean Soveregin

Even for Leviathan, neither Hell or Tartarum, the Underworld, is a pleasant place to stay. In his opinion, seeing dead people scream and cry over the torture of the devils in the most horrible place named Hell, which is a level deeper than Tartarum itself, asking forgiveness from whoever, or the view of Tartarum, where low-degree demons, such as Incubus and Succubus, kneel before his brother, Lucifer, is incredibly boring. Moreover, as one of the highest demons of Seven Princes of Hell, Leviathan used to be obliged to stay on the throne, in which he found useless. Therefore, Leviathan, one of the first angles who descended from the Seraph, decided to go out of the world that had been doomed for him, and chose to spend his immortal life in the oceans.

For thousands of years Leviathan inhabits in the palace he built at the deepest of Pacific. He loved that certain ocean, so he decided that it would be his home. He had been there since approximately the time when continent of Eurasia split into millions of tiny islands, and felt that the salty ocean water slowly blended with his cells. He pretty well knew about the downfall of Poseidon, the previous sovereign of the Ocean, at the same time with the lapse of Atlantic, along with the adherents of polytheists worshiping the Ancient Greek’s Gods and Goddess that were decreasing dramatically. He also heard the story that Poseidon himself had moved to the eighth planet in the Milky Way, known as Neptune, which has icy water all over its surface. He saw giant fishes slowly turned small, as well as dead bodies floated in the ocean for shipwrecks and the like. Sometimes, he went a little too far by tethering something crazily large that even the biggest ship couldn’t escape; resulting in the ships sinking and thousands of innocent lives falling. Sometimes Leviathan himself appeared on the ocean surface as a big scaly monster, which later known as the Water Dragon.

In a certain time, Leviathan set his foot on the mainland as well. He chose random countries all around the world which drew his interest, just to kill his boredom. He took advantage of his power to manipulate human’s memory, so that he could easily play a role as a human—this idea would later be followed by his brothers, a few hundred years since Leviathan’s first encounter. Still, he is the first demon who took the risk to make friends with humans. This long time interaction made him the brightest among the other Seven Princes of Hell. Sometimes he played the role as antagonist; creating schemes that ended in someone killing their closest friends because of envy, in which create the interpretation that Leviathan is the representation of the nature of envy itself. However, it’s not seldom for him to play the protagonist in his own drama.

In addition, wherever they live, in whichever country, what region, what religion they believe, human beings are still very interesting.

But, his frequency of being ‘innocent creature’ did not make Leviathan a good demon. When he got bored with his little play, he would erase the memory of humans that he knew before returning back to the ocean. A time when he’s acting like a total evil, he would deliberately make people remember who he was so that they would record ‘Leviathan’ in their theories of demonology.

Of course demons are demons, no one really knows what they want.

Especially, the Seven Princes of Hell.


What the hell with that name. So boring. Leviathan, or this time, Shou, grumbled to himself, as he rolled his eyes. He propped his chin with the palm of his hand, lazily listening to the chatter about theories of demonology disputed by his 'childhood friends'. Oh yeah, of course he already knew all the truth of those nonsense uttered by short-living humans all the time. But he didn’t really expect that these people he choose to be friends with now had interest in such matters.

“Che. Give me a break.” Shou muttered, with a dismissive tone, almost as if whispering to himself. But his murmur was actually long enough to make of one of his friends, Ryouta, to turn.

“What? You don’t believe that they really exist? The Seven Princes of Hell?” Ryouta asked, shoving his body forward and glaring at him hyperbolically, acting as if he was shocked and almost had a heart attack. Ryouta’s reaction caught the other two’s attention, who then turned their eyes on Shou as well.

"Saa*." Shou shrugged.

Ryouta, the blond boy, looked as though he might lose his lower jaw for being too busy gawking. Meanwhile, the other boy, the shortest among the four, named Kai, was still sitting upright. He just tapped his black rimmed glasses, as if nothing happened. Kai did not talk much, although he was the most brilliant student in the school. He preferred to just listen.

“Shou’s an atheist, I bet he didn’t even believe in Hell.” Marumo replied. The black haired boy raised his legs up on his chair, then hugged his knees, as if he’s sulking. He pouted his lips slightly, and it really looked annoying.

At least, for Shou, Marumo was annoying. Even if Shou had explained that Hell and Tartarum were different, these ‘ordinary people’ wouldn’t have understood, much believing what he said. All of the dictionaries translated jigoku* as Hell, and Hell is synonymous with Underworld, in which Tartarum is located, which is actually a level above the Hell itself, which is in the core of the earth. They won’t understand this ravelment, because they are human.

“The hell are you guys talking about. The theory of demonology doesn’t fit to be discussed in Japan. We live in a country where Buddha rules.” Said the blue eyed boy lazily. Why did I end up be friends with these stupid people? he grumbled. “If you want to talk about demons, just go with anime you watch as you always do.”

Ryouta narrowed his eyes, as if mocking the demon. “You said that as if you’re not Japanese, Shou-kun.”

Shou didn’t answer. He just shrugged his shoulders and closed his eyes while playing with a pencil with his right fingers. Meanwhile, Marumo sighed frustratedly.

“Shou’s got relatives in Austria, Stupid. See, there is no way a Japanese has such weird blue eyes like that. He is not pure.” Marumo pointed his finger towards where Shou’s eyes were. “Besides, don’t you remember, he often left us in Summer to go to some Europe countries, yet never brought home a single souvenir? He's so mean.”

Hearing that, Shou only grinned half-heartedly.

“And there is no airing anime about demons neither this season nor the next!” Marumo added, suddenly changing the subject. Though Marumo was popular as one of the most good-looking guy at their school, he was an otaku. He spent his time with games, anime, manga, and stuff like that. Recently, Marumo had been obsessed with demons, and it was he who began the discussion about demonology at the first place that afternoon. “Ao no Exorcist movie released in December last year, I had watched it a couple of times already.”

Yeah, yeah, as if I cared.

Shou averted his gaze out the open window. The city of Chuo was pretty hot and moist, even though it was spring underway. The sea breeze blew across the city, sweeping through the almost empty classroom this afternoon, making his milky brown hair dancing in a random rhythm. Although ocean was his actual home, the wind from the ocean somehow always felt refreshing. The wind seemed to want him to go back to the ocean, because there’s where he’s supposed to be. But no. This was his first time experiencing a life as an ordinary high school student; particularly as Shou, a high school student in Japan, a country that only once or twice Leviathan had stopped by.

At first, Leviathan came to this mainland because he was interested in Ryouta’s, Marumo’s, and Kai’s friendship. The friendship is too ordinary, actually. The three boys lived close to Tokyo Bay, which connects directly to the Pacific Ocean. In addition, they used to play with the sea.

Inagi Ryouta and Kakihara Kai were just ordinary kids. Just like Kai, Ryouta didn’t live in a big house, though they lived in the heart of the big city of Tokyo. Kai lived only with his mother and his younger brother in a small apartment. Meanwhile, Ryouta lived in his parents’ house not too far from their high school building. Ryouta’s parents weren’t working too busy. They always had time for him, as he was the only child of Inagi. It’s just that, both Ryouta and Kai were raised to understand that their parents were not always able to grant their wishes due to family financial. Although Kai wasn’t really affected about it, on the contrary, this matter had made Ryouta harbored his feeling of envy towards Marumo, who always got what he wanted.

Arata Marumo, lived the closest to Tokyo Bay. More precisely, he lived on the 21st floor of an apartment right on the edge of the bay. From his own room, Marumo could see the view of this infamous bay with ease. But he prefered to spend his time with his collection of DVDs, manga as well as his PSP and Nintendo Wii he had, or went to Akihabara with Ryouta and Kai. Marumo’s parents always delivered what he wanted, because they had important job and always left Marumo and his older sister home alone.

Kai, Ryouta, as well as Marumo himself knew that Marumo wasn’t the Arata’s biological child. Marumo and her sister, Yoshie, both were adopted by Arata couple since they were babies, because Mrs. Arata couldn’t have one. Marumo and Yoshie had no blood relations themselves. It made Marumo think, sometimes, why would his mother and father bothered to take them in, if they rarely made time just for dinner. In the end, Marumo were envy of Kai and Ryouta. Especially Ryouta, because it seemed that the bleach haired boy got all the attention from his parents.

Their little story of friendship were ordinary, indeed. But even for a high-leveled demon like Leviathan couldn’t predict what would be going to happen later on with the three of his new friends. That’s why he decided to leave the ocean for some time, as well as to relieve his boredom. Leviathan manipulated their memories; creating a picture about Shou being one of their childhood friend circle, whom they had known since the 5th grade of elementary school. Though his knowledge is infinite, he let Kai remain on top of the rank in school. After all, he just wanted to know what would happen to the three of them. Among those three, envy was a very strong feeling. Yet it was as strong as the bond of their friendship that had been built since they were younger.

In the end, it’s the envy itself which pulled Leviathan to make an approach.

Shou, you coming?” Kai asked, shook the demon’s shoulder a little. Oh, that boy with glasses finally spoke after a few hours of silent.

Shou turned his gaze from the window to Kai, then to Ryouta and Marumo. Somehow, the three of them had gotten up from their desks. Marumo had been standing on the threshold of the classroom door, looked very high spirited. When Shou’s awareness came back to him, he found Marumo grinned widely, before leaving the classroom. The demon got up, picking up his belongings and putting it into his school bag, before hooking it to his shoulder.

“Where are we going?” He asked.

Kai had been running after Marumo, leaving Shou and Ryouta behind.

“My place.” Ryouta sighed, annoyed, while slightly pouting his lips, and massaging his shoulders as if he were very tired—as exaggerated as always. “You know, ‘til now I still don’t understand why that stupid otaku loves to have dinner at my place! I so have to ask my mom to cook more portions! Moreover, he doesn’t even contribute anything, even a penny! Ah that reminds me, I have to contact Mom if you guys are staying for dinner.”

Ryouta took out his old-fashioned orange phone from his uniform pants’ pocket, still muttering irritably. His thumbs danced on the keypad so fast, making Shou could hear its click clacking sound.

“It’s so annoying!” Ryouta continued grumbling, while they walked down the school hallway, which was illuminated by the orange light that evening.

Chuckled, Leviathan just followed Ryouta’s steps. He had faced the more complicated relationships compared to these three’s ordinary story. He had witnessed massacre, murder, and suicide, in result of releasing the desire of envy, throughout the world. But these three boys’ friendship was too plain, yet at the same time complicated and unpredictable. It was the first time he felt that way, even though he felt very stupid about it. Maybe, just maybe, what would happen in the future could be pretty much interesting.

Moreover, he hadn’t decided whether he should be the a protagonist or even an antagonist this time. He just let it all flow like rivers from a high mount down to the ocean. His ocean.

- To Be Continued -

* Saa = who knows
* Jigoku = hell

A/N : See... I'm creating a nonsense again...

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