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You met this person in a hospital room. Well, your family is not rich enough to be able to afford a first class room, so you just agreed when they put you in a shared room for two. There were two beds on both sides of the room, and you choose to sleep on the bed the nearest to the door. You were alone at first; the other bed next to the window were empty, though, until one day this person came and gave you company for a while.

Then you learned that he's not a nice person. He's too talkative. Too talkative that it always irritated you. And he said negative things like, "It's a nice weather, my ass. Fore castings are lies, it's just a way to attract people to watch the news and get themselves money." Or something like, "Kids from my school come here because they sympathize me, oh that's just as expected." And other insults which sometimes he threw to you like, "Oh poor you. So poor that you can't get the best of treatment in this crappy hospital?"

Overall... He had this annoying aura in himself that made you want to lock him in a soundproof room and ate the key so that he won't be able to go out forever.

Yet, because you two were in the same room, you learned about him more than you want to. The first day he was hospitalized, the nurses had not given him IV. He had looked healthy, hadn't even seemed as if he's sick or something. He walked around a lot and sat on your bed as if he's just a mere guest, not a patient himself. In other side, you had been in a pretty bad shape; couldn't eat yourself, couldn't sleep at night, coughing like mad, etc.

One day, a nurse came and installed the IV to the back of his hand, when you caught the sight that might be beyond your expectation; considering it was this irritating man you're looking at. You pretended sleeping because you didn't want to hear his blabbering about how useless IV were, and IV only made someone gain weight, but he's such a bean sprout that it looked like only skin that stuck on his bones so it actually needed and all. But that day was different.

When the nurse left, he just sat there, staring at the needle entered into his artery, expressionless. He looked empty. But the orange light from the sunset brightened him, and you thought you saw a heavenly portrait. He looked adorable; all with his too pale skin and his short, jet black hair, his thin eyebrow and his sharp nose and his lips, those lips might feel soft that you wanted so bad to touch them. He sighed, and he looked so much more fragile than a piece of glass.

The day you got better was the day when he got a bad fever. He could even barely wake up, or just to sit on his bed. He could just moan painfully and all. He wasn't himself that you've got to know; the talkative, annoying person. In return, the room turned back into its annoying silence when he was taken to the emergency room one night, and didn't came back for a week.

A month after, and you're healthy enough to set free from your own IV. You had a nice chat with him. Just a chat, some insults were present of course, but not his usual insults that burn your anger. You learned more about him, more that it scared you to no end, finding that this guy was something else. That he's beyond empty, and the fragile glass that you imagined him to be had actually been scattered. He'd broken, he's incomplete.

"Where's your family? I barely see them." You talked, and you regretted it. You realized you went a bit too far, feeling like you had hit his wall of privacy, as those deep brown eyes grew wide.

But surprisingly, he didn't get mad, not at all.

"I have no family." He said, answering your spontaneous question bluntly. He stayed calm, even expressionless. "You saw those two couples I called Mom and Dad when they came visiting me, they're not my parents. I'm adopted."

You assumed that he's used to your presence, so he's not afraid to show you his most vulnerable face. He averted his gaze to the floor, as if it became horrifically interesting more than your funny expression.

"Don't sorry, Patrick Star. I won't staying here any longer." He said as he chuckled.

After all, he did look better the time he said so. You thought that he would no longer need hoses linked to his body because he seemed healthier than the time after he passed out. Still, he seemed like looking for a shelter, as if he needed someone to hold him. But no one was there, and even though you wanted to so bad, you were no one for him. You just knew him for some times.

"Get well soon."

You were finally allowed to go home. Yet, you kept coming back to your room to look in him, giving him company. He kept being as the person you hated for his fussiness and his annoying, negative utterances, but you stayed anyway. You began to learn his jokes and understood what he's criticizing. Both of you laughed together, spending every seconds together, and all.

But then...

The time you realized that those hoses had been unplugged was the time that you realized that he meant so much more.

Yet, life is not fair, and it will always be. No body seems to care that he's gone; actually gone. No body shows their emotions, not even his parents. No tear is falling, and nothing seems right. You are angry, you want to throw anything to anyone because you're pissed off. But you cannot do anything. You cannot change anything.

You attend his funeral and only see very few people.

You realize that you love him, but it seems like you're the one who love him because everyone seems to hate him, dislike him, cut their emotions to him. It doesn't feel like attending a funeral at all; even cats got better burial than him. It shouldn't be like this. They don't know him, they don't know who he actually was. Why are they so stupid, so blind?

This pisses you off even more, and you do something so unexpected.....

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