[Challenge] #1, Write A Short Autobiography

A Short Autobiography

This is part of the Writing Challenge that I have posted some times ago, and for the first challenge, I need to write some short autobiography. I needed to google how to write good short autobiography to complete this challenge because it should be different with the ones I wrote before, but I think I failed the attempt in this one. Nevermind. I’ll just have to pass the first challenge, right?

For the start, find my name on my profile page.

I was born on February 29th, and I am more than a quarter century old. It has been around seven years since the first time I started residing in Yogyakarta, which is perhaps the only province in Indonesia with preserved and continuous monarchy system. I spent a year in Kanazawa, Japan, studying as an exchange student in Kanazawa University, and I think I cannot move on from that place, because, really? I don’t have to reason it out in this post to explain why I don’t feel like I belong in here. My 12 years of compulsory education was completed in a small industrial city in Jawa Tengah, called Kudus, which is known as the home of the biggest cigarette industry in Indonesia, Djarum. I started working at the university where I graduated from, yet in different faculty entirely, probably around two years ago.

My baby Blutukk

I have seven cats at home: Mbu, female, the oldest, black furred; Blutukk, the oldest daughter of Mbu; Tugel, the only bob-tailed kitten at home, as well as the only male and son of Mbu; Cippon, the youngest daughter of Mbu, fur looking like a cow; and three little unnamed kittens (two reds and one gray) that were just born few weeks ago, the children of Blutukk. I spent most of my time at home with them because I have no wifi connection, and I still can’t find any co-working space to probably just chill out in there. It’s not like I come home quite so often, though, so I don’t really meet them often as well. Therefore, everytime I went home, I almost always took billions of their pictures and saved it in my Google Photo. Right now, when I’m writing this, I just miss them so much.

Yesterday evening, I watched the infamous Disney Pixar animated movie called Finding Dory, and began to think that probably I have the same condition with her, which is short term memory loss. However, unlike Dory, I still remember things and my brain can still function and I can still remember where I went yesterday. But I can’t remember what I ate the same day, or the day before yesterday, and so on. It feels like my brain often forces me to forget things. When I watched Still Alice, I even got so scared that I might have had early dementia. It’s so relatable and scary as hell! No! I don’t want that to happen! Well, I know it was just me being over-paranoid. The kind of “short term memory lost” that I suffered was probably because I’m used to force myself to forget unpleasant things, like my anxiety disorder.

My vision in the future is that I really want to get even higher education. I want to learn more. I want to do more for myself and my future. I’m not satisfied with only my undergraduate degree. I want a master degree, and a Ph.D., and a professor title in the forefront of my name. I’m interested in literature and I like studying texts, that is why I chose to study English Literature. I like Greek Mythology, but Natsume Soseki and Yukio Mishima a little more than probably J.R.R. Tolkien and Rick Riordan—that’s why I chose to take exchange in Japan. I like sociology in literature. I like to compare the literature that I am reading with the societ the time the literature is written, just like mimetic theory by Aristoteles. Although symbolism and metaphor are sometimes hard to understand, I enjoy finding it out. My brain keeps telling me to sharpen itself up like a knife, to be able to obtain more and more information about Post World War II literature, and I hope one day I will find a professor who’s willing to guide me to look more. With that much amount of knowledge, I want to convince people that books are important, and literature is the key to better understand the world.

That is all that I can say about myself. Actually, I don’t really want to talk about myself because, this blog is about me, duh. It feels like I keep telling the whole world about me and myself only, which is somehow contradicted with my inner conscience to not tell anything deep about myself in the first place. Anyhow, the first challenge is completed. Let’s jump to the fan-fiction challenge! That is probably my strongest point! Or so I suppose. Here's a recent picture of my self. And, hi, I've gained some weight.

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Please send me an amen for my Vision paragraph. Please please please please? o:3

See you later, folks!

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