What is Now Called, "Everything You Want's A Dream Away"

Hello, it’s me, Pudy, again. It’s been a while. How are you doing? Great? Cool.

I got an idea to revive this blog again after years and years of hiatus (and hiding in the shadows). I mean, maybe the last time I posted something (in a form of blog post) was early last year, under different blog entirely, with such an emo mood because of a heartbreak! I need to get over it! I said to myself. And indeed, this blog used to be made to accommodate my assignments for Creative Writing class I took in university. But as time went by and I began to ignore my hobbies and sulk in the depth of an ocean of feelings, I reached a decision to open this up again, because, hell, I need a place to load more traffic to the internet (lol). So this morning, I went to blogger and changed all the themes and layout settings of this blog whatever, and voila, here we are now.

How is life? Well, so much had happened between the last time I posted something in this blog. I think it was in 2013, right? Yeah. After the Creative Writing class was over, I had to take Community Service in order to graduate from university. But, it wasn’t enough, because of course you would never be able to graduate without writing any graduation thesis, right? In some cases, you might not have to do it, but in mine, it is a must. But I was very afraid of doing stuff I didn’t understand, so I took a program that I didn’t understand even more; I studied abroad! I lived in Japan for a year, studying in Kanazawa University! Can’t you believe that? Me, the stupid me. The evidences are barely there, though, so it’s okay if you’re doubting. I think I have very little numbers of pictures left because the first semester of my study there, I failed to back up my phone memories and they were all erased just like that. The second half of the year went okay, and I think I backed up the pictures somewhere. I just don’t remember where is that somewhere. Tehe.

Yes, and no, I wasn’t entirely going on hiatus these past 5 years (oh my god it’s been 5 years, already? Am I old??). I opened up another blog in livejournal to accommodate my dirty mind and wrote some r-rated fanfictions there until maybe two years ago. And as I mentioned, I also made a blog, based on wordpress, to express how bitter I was with my love life. I’m getting better at handling it, and maybe that’s why I can write this light-heartedly, maybe.

Oh! About hobbies! Yeah!

I stopped writing stuff. Lol. I mean, fiction. But I want to write one, anything good in the future. I feel like a knife that is not as sharp as it used to, but I promise I will try. What did I do when I wasn’t writing stuff? Being a musician. HA. No, just kidding. I was just sort of recruited by a bunch of weirdos in to a cover band called BST221B. It wasn’t what our band was called before I joined—somehow it just transformed into BST221B. We had a great 2 years of doing stuff, like public performance, etc, and maybe we will still be doing this years ahead. I will share my band’s performance video in my next post. Right now, I just want to settle back in and be known for who I am. Maybe posting more fictions in the future, or some subjective movie reviews based on my point of view. Maybe I’ll do some fashion coordinate showdown. Maybe, I will post my bass covers on my own Youtube channel (in which doesn’t exist up until now). Or maybe I’ll just rant about random stuff again!

Therefore, please bear with me. And, stay, because I want to know more people. I want to have more friends because I am not that type of person with the ability to communicate well verbally. At times like this, though I feel like I’m talking to myself. Does anyone read this comeback post? HAHA. Here’s a picture taken from my instagram account. Please visit me there, too.

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Thank you for listening and being my friend!

See you later.

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