Writing Challenge Accepted

So, as I have posted in my old rendezvous livejournal account, in which you might still be able to find somewhere in the other corner of the internet, I am interested in a writing challenge, or as you can the embeded picture below. There are only 14 points and I don't find any rules to do it for exactly 14 days or something like that, so I assume it is safe to say that I can write this everytime I like? Chehehe.

The first time I found this challenge was on Tumblr, and I posted a blog saying I would be taking it, but it never happened, until one day I found it again on Pinterest under the tag writing challenge. Now that I'm trying to be active in writing stuff again, why am I not taking it seriously this time? Although I might not be posting for exactly 14 consecutive days though lol.

I'm officially taking it!Wait for my post in the future!

By the way, here is a bouquet of yellow chrysanthemum to brighten up your day.

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Also, probably I'm going to post some make up/skin care products tomorrow because I have stuff delivered to me today! So excited!

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