[Challenge] #3 Review A Book/Movie/Anything

Book Review : Prayers in the Emergency Room
Original Title : 病室で念仏を唱えないでください/Byoushitsu de Nenbutsu wo Tonaenaide Kudasai)
Publisher : PT. Gramedia  Pustaka Utama–M&C

Today's Book Review: Prayers in the Emergency room
I’ve recently been reading a manga (or Japanese comic) entitled Prayers in the Emergency Room (Japanese: 病室で念仏を唱えないでください/Byoushitsu de Nenbutsu wo Tonaenaide Kudasai), from the mangaka Tamayo Koyasu. In Japan, it was released around 2012, and Indonesian book distributor PT. Gramedia Pustaka Utama–M&C bought its translation license in 2015, before publishing the series in the whole nation in 2016. I’m interested with this book because it has unusual yet interesting premise; a doctor who is also a Buddhist monk. Along with various medical terms that give us more knowledge about this field, we can also see the Japanese culture and common mannerism clearly in this manga, and you might not be able to help to wonder if the same concept were actually performed in our own culture or not. At least that is how I feel, when comparing this manga to some cheap local soap opera in Indonesia.

Prayers in the Emergency Room is more of a light narrated kind of manga. It has fun elements but deep in meaning, for we are somehow given Buddhist wisdom throughout each stories about someone’s life and soul. However, since the story is one hundred percent set in the Emergency Room, although I have only read one and a half volume of the manga, I can say that it does not always end pleasant for everyone, even for the main protagonist himself.

The manga starts with an emergency phone call to Aoba Dai Hospital and Dr. Miyake looking for Dr. Shoen Matsumoto, the emergency doctor slash hospital chaplain—a clergyman officially attached to a branch of the military, to an institution, or to a family or court (defined from Merriam Webster Dictionary)—who is apparently reading Sutra for a patient who’s just died. The story then comes about from there on around how Dr. Matsumoto, who is rather idealist, always tries hard to keep his patients alive no matter the situation. He is very stubborn in his job and his own fathom saying that all lives matter no matter what they have done. This idea is developed from Dr. Matsumoto’s past trauma, where he watches his friend drowning without being able to do anything to save him. In favor to his dearest friend, Dr. Matsumoto persists in being a monk and an ER doctor at the same time.

Prayers in the Emergency Room Vol. 1 cover
Although Dr. Matsumoto is a monk, and we all know monks should not bound to worldly pleasure or carnal desires and ought to dedicate his life to the way of Buddha, he doesn’t follow Buddha’s doctrine; he still eats meat and drinks alcohol, as well as buying lottery and being angry with people that he finds iritating. When he was being asked why he’s still consuming those, the answer coming out of his mouth, nevertheless, as expected, is wise and holy-sounded, for instance, as quoted from his dialog in Volume 1, he said, “It is part of Buddhist teaching to respect foods and drinks by not wasting them away,”. He also shuts his annoyed friends down by saying, “Buddha also teaches to respect personal opinion. Thank you,” before running away. My favorite rebuttal from Dr. Matsumoto is when he’s confronted by the hospital’s Office Lady who says he’s too bounded to his worldly misfotune in Volume 2, and Dr. Matsumoto wisely replies, “Carnal passion provide motivation to all of us, it shouldn’t be stopped forcibly! By carrying out these carnal passions, passing through indecision and suffering, the way for those who seek enlightenment will be open.”

Other funny things that Dr. Matsumoto will unconsciously do are, for example, running down the hospital hallway wearing Hangesa—a garment worn by Japanese Buddhist monks—and patients who see him will be anxious and left wondering whether any mishap is actually happening, and reading Sutra in the dead of night and scare the life out of the patients, providing us with a good cackle.

Prayers in the Emergency Room Vol. 2 Cover
 As I have stated above, this light and fun manga also have grim side of its own. Some patients don’t make it out from the operation room, leaving their dearest family with tears behind. Some can pass through their situation. As naïve as he is, Dr. Matsumoto turns himself into some kind of magical creature—not literally, most probably because he’s the main antagonist—who is able to speak to the patients and their families regarding their condition. He can convince a resident doctor to save the lives of everyone who come in to the Emeregency Room without dividing them into ‘necessary’ and ‘unnecessary’. He also pushes his own value to a cancer patient, making the patient able to accept his condition and starts coming to the Prayer Room every afternoon.

I do state at some points about Japanese culture and common mannerism in Prayers in the Emergency Room. We see doctors bow to the patients family when they are given the permission to do operation, as well as they announce the final death of the patients to their family members. This manner exists in all aspects in Japan. You see, when you’re in a train car during a train trip to somewhere in Japan, you will see the train conductors and captains bow to you when they’re about to move from one car to another. The handling of patients is also very quick and effective. I don’t understand about standard operating procedures of medical treatments in hospital, but in my opinion, this common sense that is held firm by Japanese doctors in general should be applied to all doctors in the world.

Licensed & All Rights Reserved.
Finally, as a conclusion, this post should be a light review of a manga as a part of my writing challenge, but it turns out to be a goddamned essay. The feeling of writing this kind of thing reminds me of the time I was still a literature student, therefore it feels really easy the time I start typing this review’s first sentence. If I were to continue talking about Japanese culture as depicted in Prayers in the Emergency Room in this sort-of essay, this whole thing might be around 2500 words and I don’t want it. I can assure you one thing though: it’s a manga worth reading. Don’t ever think that mangas and comics are just for kids; your kids who read manga and watch anime, they might have higher life value than you are. Manga like Prayers in the Emergency Room teaches us to respect life and respect the creation of God, Buddha, whatever you believe is the Creator of Universe, no matter how sinful those humans are. And if you are a doctor or wanting to be one, remember that all lives matter. Values like this should be applied everywhere around the world, not just in Japan in particular. Therefore, go to Gramedia nearest your place now and buy this amazing manga right now!
Thank you for your time and attention and willingness to read this manga/book review. I still have plenty to write as my writing challenge is going. Let’s meet again the day after, in my next post, in the next, next, and next. Bye bye 💓💓

[Skin Care Review] Product Empty #1 Acnes UV Tint SPF 35 PA+++

DISCLAIMER: ANOTHER REVIEW POST WHICH IS NOT PART OF MY WRITING CHALLENGE HAHAHAHAHA deal with it. I'm sorry I promise I'll continue my challenge, please have mercy! 😇😇😇

Halo! Selamat siang manusia bumi. Lewat subuh tadi pagi, saya bangun tidur dengan sebuah ide yang terus-menerus menghantui pikiran dan nggak hilang bahkan ketika nggebyur kepala pakai air pas mandi. Di kamar kostan sebenernya banyak sampah kosmetik berserakan, yang mau dibuang tapi kok ya belum sempet-sempet (sempetin!! jorok ih.). Ada botol-botol toner Viva, UV screen-nya Acnes, sheet mask, dan beberapa pensil alis yang udah abis-bis dan gak bisa dipakai lagi. Kenapa nggak bikin review product empties aja keak beauty guru itu itu itu? pikir saya, kan, lalu ya sudah, saya bawa aja satu produk ini untuk difoto. Karena cuma bawa satu, jadi sepertinya kita bikin series saja yak, hehe. Dan, ya, saya Pudy, saya agak selo hari ini jadi mari kita sharing-sharing lagi.

Untuk series pertama dari Product Empty ini, saya mau cerita dikit tentang Acnes UV Tint SPF 35 PA+++ 💕.
Penampakan Acnes UV Tint SPF 35 PA+++

Moving for the Nth Time

Hello! I'm moving (back) again!

Setelah sekian tahun berkelana dengan berbagai domain blog yang ada di muka bumi, mulai dari multiply, livejournal, wordpress, dan sebagainya, saya memutuskan untuk kembali ke pangkuan blog ini. Blog yang sudah ada sejak tahun Bulan Juni 2008 ini (wow ternyata umurnya sudah 10 tahun 😂😂😂) saya putuskan untuk saya buka kembali, karena dialah yang menemani dari awal masuk ke fandom apapun dan saat itu dalam kondisi apapun.

Anyways, ada satu hal yang pasti. Postingan-postingan yang ada sebelum tahun 2013, termasuk fanfic-fanfic torasaga/shoupon (overall Alice Nine) akan saya masukkan ke draft dan tidak akan muncul di blog ini lagi. Beberapa sudah saya repost di ma-rendezvous@lj dan masih bisa kamu cek dan komen. Fanfic hey! say! JUMP saya masih awet juga disana tanpa saya utak atik, yah mungkin akan berdampak negatif kedepannya karena saya dulu suka nulis R-rated haha. Tapi saya meng-import semua isi dari blog hohoyoudidnt dan memposting ulang di sini tanpa membuat perubahan apapun, karena, yah, menulis ulang dari awal itu membutuhkan tenaga yang sangat ekstra.

Selamat datang buat teman-teman lama. Kalau masih ingat sama saya mbok saya disapa. Hehe.

Pudy Kusumaningrum atau yang punya alias Hota.

[Makeup Review] Drug Store Makeup Haul

DISCLAIMER : Not part of my writing challenge (yes, my 3rd writing challenge is to write a review, but this is just not it).

Halo! Selamat datang di post pertama saya dalam Bahasa Indonesia!

Setelah menimbang-nimbang dan merasa bimbang akan menggunakan bahasa apa untuk berkomunikasi lewat blog tidak jelas ini, saya memutuskan untuk mencoba menggunakan bahasa ibu pertiwi yang harus kita junjung tinggi sejak Sumpah Pemuda 1928. Jadi malam ini, malam di mana seharusnya saya mengerjakan pekerjaan yang ditunda-tunda terus padahal deadline-nya besok banget, saya pergi ke Mutiara instead, sebuah toko makeup yang mungkin paling terkenal seantero Yogyakarta. Kalau bingung Mutiara itu di mana, itu hlo yang di bawah fly over Lempuyangan, tapi kalo orang Jogja apalagi yang doyan makeup sih kayaknya nggak mungkin nggak tau ya 😂. Anyways di situ berbagai macam produk/brand/merk makeup, skin care lokal, interlokal, dan internasional, serta segala macam dan tetek bengeknya ada, murah, lagi. Kemudian saya berpikir untuk, okelah, belanja dikit gak apa-apa lah ya, toh udah mau akhir bulan, ini drug-store juga, eh tapi keterusan jadi belanja cukup banyak hahahahahaha dosa.


Ya, selalu ada tapi.

Ternyata saya gak habis lebih dari 180.000 rupiah untuk 4 item 😂😂😂😂
Apakah ini normal? Beli makeup gak lebih dari 180.000 IDR itu normal??
Heh kamu terdengar sombong.
Ya, maaf.

Setelah soliloquy yang tidak jelas itu (dan terima kasih sudah membacanya), kemudian saya mencoba mengambil gambar dari produk/jenis make up yang saya beli barusan tersebut. Dan, voila, jadilah make up haul post ini!

Maap fotonya di lokasi di mana lampu-lampunya berwarna kuning terus warna/pigmen eyeshadow-nya jadi gak terlalu keliatan

Make up yang dibeli dan harganya :
  1. INEZ Eye Shadows Collection 09    RP 54.000-15%
  2. Ranee Eye Shadow Compact Ref 01    Rp 17.000-15%
  3. Maybelline Mascara Hyper Curl Black    Rp 69.000-20%
  4. NYX Concealer CJ05 Medium 7 Gr    Rp 110.000-50%
Jadi total dengan diskon adalah Rp 170.600 sahaja. Tentu saja mungkin bukan merupakan makeup terbaik sejagat raya. Tapi, untuk informasi saja, walopun saya sudah diajari pakai makeup sama emak saya yang merupakan makeup artist veteran di kota kelahiran saya sejak saya kelas 2 SMP, hari ini masih menjadi hari-hari pertama saya menjajaki dunia makeup yang lebih detail. Percayalah.

Kenapa tertarik sama produk-produk tersebut? Well, pertama-tama, saya tadi pas beli gak liat dari brand-nya apa. Setiap liat ada palet sample eyeshadow dengan tulisan TRY ME, saya beneran mencobanya. Swatch sana swatch sini, dan kemudian menemukan eyeshadow palet yang kelihatannya oye dan it turns out adalah Inez Eye Shadow Collection. Saya pilih no. 9 gegara tertarik sama warna yang kanan bawah (dari foto). Nggak tau ya, lagi demen banget sama warna warm begitu padahal da saya item 😂😂 Makanya besok mau dicoba ehehehe.

Terus yang eyeshadow satuan, nama produknya Ranee, nama komplitnya Ranee Eye Shadow Compact. Saya baru tau ada ini brand thanks to Grandma Mutiara 😂😂😂 Maafkan saya karena seperti yang saya bilang, saya cukup awam. Ini seharusnya semacam isiannya Inez kan yak? Well duuuuhhhh tadi pas nge-swatch saya kepengen pengsan rasanya. Soalnya bagus banget. Saya beli yang No. 1 dan itu warnanya merah bata, agak cokelat dan shimmery juga. Belum tau nanti efeknya gimana, jadi mungkin besok bakal coba juga mumpung selo.

Yang ketiga adalah Maybelline Mascara Hyper Curl Black. Yaudahlah ya, kalau Meybelline yaudah lah ya. I mean, dia mungkin produk drugstore paling populer sejagad raya. Saya dulu pas di Jepang nemu terus produk Maybelline, walau akhirnya belinya juga foundation Canmake HAHAHA. Anyways, beli maskara hanya karena maskara yang lama udah kadaluarsa 3 tahun. Ya, kadaluarsa 3 tahun, lur, dan masih saya pakai bulan lalu sebelum saya sadar itu sudah gak layak. Pantesan susah banget dihapus walo sudah jungkir balik. Jadilah saya secara random beli mascara ini, just because.

Terus produk terakhir yang dibeli adalah concealer. Tadi nemu bagus banget, L'oreal True Match™ Concealer (yang nyari sih si mas buat ibuknya, tapi saya pas nge-swatch langsung wow ini concealer oke!). Tapi sayang sekali lur, habis stoknya di Mutiara. Jadilah saya muter kemudian nemu NYX Concealer CJ05 Medium 7 Gr ini. Ada 2 warna yang di pasang di display sample, dan yang CJ05 adalah yang paling match sama kulit pas di-swarch. Tapi saya pernah baca di suatu tempat kalau sebenernya pakai concealer itu sebaiknya yang lebih terang warnanya daripada warna kulit/foundation, itu tips apakah bisa dibenarkan? I mean kalo warnanya terlalu terang bukannya bakal jadi cemong yak? Sepertinya sebaiknya kita liat saja besok.

Ada lagi dua produk yang lupa saya beli, yaitu highlighter dan setting spray. Padahal tadi ada gerai Make Over dan saya baca-baca review katanya setting spray mereka oke. Hedeu. Kalau highlighter mungkin bisa saya ganti sama yang sudah ada di rumah yaitu Eye Shadow dari Viva. Soalnya sudah cukup blinding itu beb 😝😝 *padahal cuma mau ngirit

Lagian kalau muka berminyak dikasih highlight nanti apa nggak jadi cemong juga ya? Gak tau ini saya dapet teori dari mana duh.

Anyways, semua barang masih disegel yak. Belum saya apa-apakan. Mungkin besok, mumpung Sabtu, mau kasih review yang lebih rinci. Hahahahahaha.

Oh iya, satu lagi makeup brand yang baru saya bawa pulang hari ini. Ialah MARCKS loose powder, sebuah bedak legendaris yang sudah saya pakai sejak SD hahahaha (tante saya rajin pake terus saya ikutan gitu). Sebenernya setiap hari saya juga pakai Marcks loose powder yang warna natural, tapi kali ini saya dapet yang warna pink. Dapet dari salah satu dosen di tempat saya kerja, which is hadiah pas dies natalis fakultas tahun kemaren. Tapi expire masih 2021 jadi aman laaaaaaa semoga.

Marcks loose powder kecil warna pink

Bedak dikasih sama rekan kerja which is suvenir dari kimia farma sebagai sponsor dies natalis fakultas ehe
Itu saja dulu dari saya, ya. Saya tahu, ini ngomong kok gak jelas banget pakai saya tapi bahasanya gak sesuai sama Ejaan yang Disempurnakan. Ya, sebenernya bodo amat sih. Toh kalau saya ngomong sekarang, saya medok banget hahahahaha. Anggep saja begitu.

Ketemu besok-besok yak, semoga pas ketemu lagi saya sudah punya konten lagi. Kalau nggak kan ya nge-rant random nggak masalah, kan?


Main Language of This Blog

Recently, I'm kind of wondering...

Whether to continue posting stuff in this blog entirely in English, or to start using Bahasa Indonesia instead, for the sake of easier communication et cetera.

Well, you know, this blog exists because it was a requirement for my Creative Writing class, and I was a full length English literature student back then. But it was like over 5 goddamned year ago. I've graduated, and now living a boring life as dedicated worker with all benefits showered by my institution. Therefore, even though I'm continuing posting stuff in this blog, using English is not something that I ought to do. It wasn't like I strive for international audience either (by international I mean people who are not native to Bahasa Indonesia). It's just that, I've been used to write stuff in this universal language since like, forever. Of course my first blog was entirely in Bahasa Indonesia. But I was still a high school student back then.

Besides, though writing is probably my strong point, I'm still quite suck at public speaking.

I have some options in my head right now. Like,
  1. Keep using English in all future posts with no tolerance
  2. Use English for fictions and/or reviews, but gonna use Bahasa Indonesia for ideas or random rant posts, or vice versa. Like, make it bilingual.
  3. Use Bahasa Indonesia and English at the same time. Like, in one post there is a post written in Bahasa Indonesia and then below the content I provide the English translation. This will also make this blog bilingual and understandable for both Indonesian and outsiders I guess.
  4. Use Bahasa Indonesia entirely, for reviews, fictions, and rants, because why not.
Still have not made up my mind. Gosh, I sound like I have actual audiences lol. In addition, Bahasa Indonesia is not as easy as it looks, okay. A true sentence in Bahasa Indonesia needs more brain.

I guess I'll just think about it for awhile. If maybe I decided to post stuff in Bahasa Indonesia, I would still insert some English in between. Until then, I'll just leave it right here.

Anyways, as a trivia, I actually can also speak some Japanese, so yeah, more brain confusion 😂

See you on ma next post! Hopefully I'll do my third writing challenge lol.

Hey, wait, do you know Korean singer DEAN?

I like his song INSTAGRAM. The first time I heard that song was from Takeuchi Miyu's English Cover and I found it beautiful! Now I really want to cover it with my bass, Lele. Probably do a solo song, but damn I can't sing. Anyone interested in watching? 😂😂😂

Please visit my instagram!
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[Challenge] #2 Write a Fanfiction

Title : Encounter
Pairing(s)/Fandom : Thor/Loki (brotherhood) / Thor (Marvel Cinematic Universe)
Author : Pudy / 29kkkp
Genre : Brotherhood, family
Type : Drabble (693 words)
Rating : PG
Disclaimer : Say I own the story that I made myself. The characters belong solely to Marvel Studios and Disney. Yes, both Tom and Chris H. and everyone that signs contract on MCU are their properties. And yes, this one is part of my Writing Challenge.
CROSS-POSTED on Archiveofourown and Wattpad

A/N : It's been probably 2 (two) years since the last time I wrote any fiction, like anything at all. And I'm quite unsure whether I should write about Matsui Jurina and Lee Ga Eun of Produce 48 or Thorki (Thor and Loki) because in my heads they had very interesting friendship. And yet before opening my Microsoft Word, I kind of curious about Thorki's early life because Thor is probably 400 years older than Loki. How was he when the first time he saw Loki, exactly? And voila, with all its shortcomings, this Thorki bromance fanficion happens.
...and he was so, so curious with the noises that his parents made during the day, questioning what was craddled in his mother’s arms before they disappeared for the night that he could barely sleep at all.

[Makeup Review] 3CE Velvet Lip Tint #Going Right

Well, hello! I guess?

I know, I know I should be doing the second writing challengewhich is the fanfiction challengeright now. Thus, I've said in my writing challenge masterpost that writing fanfiction is one of my strongest points. Yet here we are, in spite of doing the challenge, I'm back with another make up product review. Yes, again, I know it doesn't feel right, but not ranting about my most recent findings in my make up history doesn't feel right either.

Anyways, my recent finding that we're gonna talk about today is another Korean beauty product so called 3CE Velvet Lip Tint. The only reason I have for buying it because I'm a millennial who suffers acute consumerism and I've sold my soul to Korean beauty products and the brand is famous, besides, I've done some research this time, and some beauty gurus on YouTube even stated that this lip tint is long-lasting, better than the Peripera Velvet Ink, with nicer scent and nicer finish, good color, etc, etc.

3CE Velvet Lip Tint packaging

3CE Velvet Lip Tint #Going Right

Look at the packaging above! It has nice weight and not so thin and perfect on your grip and looks expensive and also pretty! So pretty and mesmerizing and hypnotizing. I picked the right shade for me I guess, which is #Going Right, and the first time I applied it on my lips I immediately fell in love with the color. Again, I'm tan skinned, and of course I mean, look at the shade!

3CE Velvet Lip Tint #Going Right swatch
Nude lipstick first-timer a.k.a ME. Applying 3CE Velvet Lip Tint on my actual lips.
It does look good, right?
I'm sorry but the tempered glass on my phone cracked right on the front cam part.


Why is there always a but in a product that you assume would make you live happily ever after like a life of a Disney Princess? This is the segment I loathe the most, I swear. The most painful segment in this post, and any other posts about make up products, probably. The BUT segment.

Less than an hour after applying this 3CE lip tint onto my lips, I went out and ate some lunch at Yoshinoya, buying some gyudon and miso soup etc. At first I believed in the brand, that, at least for such price (IDR15K-ish), it would not fall off so easily, not transferring to the tableware whatsoever, but it did. It did. I need to bold that. And it did transfer so horribly on the glass I drank from. I tried to think positively, like, "It won't affect the color on my lips, right?". Then, after I'd done eating, I looked at my pocket mirror and found out this lip tint had turned even more horrible. What's the synonym of  the word horrible, exactly? Because I don't know how to describe this product any further than this.

The tint on my lips was not just cracking. It turned into dots of clumps that I had to swipe it off because it's embarrassing. That's a shame! Thing is, probably it's on me because I didn't take care of my lips. Maybe my lips were just too dry and dirty that this particular lip tint turned that way. But such thing never happened when I applied Peripera Lip Ink and my favorite Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint. For this matter, I honestly have no idea. But I love the color, so I probably will stick to this 3CE lip tint for awhile until I buy other lip stuff.


Did I just buy a fake 3CE product? Or do you experience the same thing as I do?

Let's just hope I didn't get scammed because that would be awful. Haha. Anyways, do you have some nude lip stick/tint/ink recommendation that is good and affordable and at least last quite long? Especially for a tanned skin like me. I'll be eagerly try it out.

That is all for this post, guys. I've been looking for some prompts to fill my writing challenge and I think I have found a good one. And it's a thriller, I guess?

Have a good day!

[Makeup Review] The Face Shop - Miracle Finish Oil Control Water cushion (V203. Natural Beige)

Hello! I want to blabber about one of these stuff that I bought few days ago. As I have said in my two previous post, I was expecting a delivery package of a bunch of make up and skin care, right? Yea, the package came knocking the door on Friday last week, and that item is one of some inside that said package. It's a cushion, my very first cushion ever, the very first time I planed to dedicate my life to a Korean BB Cushion. And, not only there is a hell yeah, but there is also a but, so here is my honest review.

It is The Face Shop - Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion, with shade V203. Natural Beige. I think it's the darkest shade that The Face Shop had, and so without doing more research, I purchased it so eagerly on a Shopee star seller. I have never purchased any of The Face Shop products before, since I wasn't really into Korean make up until I found Peripera Airy Ink Velvet (No.1 Heart Grapefruitand) and my holy grail, Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint (OR01 - Chardonnay Orange) recently. Well probably this so-called consumerism hobby had started since early this year. Those two lip inks are awesome, like, really awesome; the Peripera Airy Ink Velvet one isn't really long lasting, but it doesn't really dry up my lips. It doesn't mean it's moisturizing either. The Chateau Labiotte one is even more awesome; it's super long lasting! Like, point is, how the hell a lip ink can be this long lasting! I put it on 8 AM and it's still there at 8 PM (although already cracked and faded). Unfortunately it dries real quick (so you have to apply it even quicker) and it sucks up (I mean dries) the lips so quick too. Probably you need to apply a balm on top to coat it? I'm not sure.

Peripera Airy Ink Velvet (No.1 Heart Grapefruitand)

Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint (OR01 - Chardonnay Orange). I only bought the sample size with 3ml of product of course because it's cheaper! LOL

Back to this The Face Shop - Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion review. I bought this in a refill pack, because it's definitely cheaper for a first try-er like me.

First of all, it's a nice cushion I swear. The formula is very light and when you apply it, it gives a cooling and soothing sensation to your skin like no other. Pumping the product out of the sponge is also easy. The puff/applicator is quite elastic. After awhile, it does not feel like you're applying anything on your skin, and it also freakin' hydrates your skin and makes your face glow oh-so-beautifully. And most of all, the scent. THE SCENT. It's sweet and soothing, the thing I love the most about this cushion. Wow, so it's how wearing a cushion feels like! That is what I thought after half an hour. Hell yeah, definitely will dedicate my ass off of Korean make up in the future! I thought.

BUT. Probably not this product.

My only contra when it comes to this very cushion from The Face Shop is that: it's too bright for my skin. I mean, I'm tan, okay. I'm literally too dark for this cushion. It doesn't suit my tone whatsoever. I'm a woman of Java island where the sun shines bright on the sky and the pollution degree raise almost to a critical extent because everybody has a car. The bright shade makes me look like a ghost; it's just too white. As much as I love the formula, I really wish they have more shade variants, a honey shade will be just great.

I still have the seal! I already took it off but I still have the seal!

The inside of The Face Shop's Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion. It looks dark, right? But it's still as white and bright as a child's future.

Anyways, because I cannot wear this cushion anymore, I'm selling this cushion on my Carousell. If you are interested, please check out this link to direct you to the product: https://id.carousell.com/p/176950929. I only used this as a test-drive one time, so don't worry about it. Although, at the moment I can only accept Cash On Delivery (COD) system in Yogyakarta City, Indonesia, and/or mailing system through Indonesian based account transfers, if you're living outside of my country I can work on a paypal.

So, there it is my review for my very first cushion from The Face Shop, named Miracle Finish Oil Control Water Cushion. At the time when I'm writing this, I'm considering to buy another Korean produced BB cushion but I'm not sure which. I also want to try some primer, actually. Anyone can help with a recommendation list?

Thank you!

I'll see you again soon!