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Recently, I'm kind of wondering...

Whether to continue posting stuff in this blog entirely in English, or to start using Bahasa Indonesia instead, for the sake of easier communication et cetera.

Well, you know, this blog exists because it was a requirement for my Creative Writing class, and I was a full length English literature student back then. But it was like over 5 goddamned year ago. I've graduated, and now living a boring life as dedicated worker with all benefits showered by my institution. Therefore, even though I'm continuing posting stuff in this blog, using English is not something that I ought to do. It wasn't like I strive for international audience either (by international I mean people who are not native to Bahasa Indonesia). It's just that, I've been used to write stuff in this universal language since like, forever. Of course my first blog was entirely in Bahasa Indonesia. But I was still a high school student back then.

Besides, though writing is probably my strong point, I'm still quite suck at public speaking.

I have some options in my head right now. Like,
  1. Keep using English in all future posts with no tolerance
  2. Use English for fictions and/or reviews, but gonna use Bahasa Indonesia for ideas or random rant posts, or vice versa. Like, make it bilingual.
  3. Use Bahasa Indonesia and English at the same time. Like, in one post there is a post written in Bahasa Indonesia and then below the content I provide the English translation. This will also make this blog bilingual and understandable for both Indonesian and outsiders I guess.
  4. Use Bahasa Indonesia entirely, for reviews, fictions, and rants, because why not.
Still have not made up my mind. Gosh, I sound like I have actual audiences lol. In addition, Bahasa Indonesia is not as easy as it looks, okay. A true sentence in Bahasa Indonesia needs more brain.

I guess I'll just think about it for awhile. If maybe I decided to post stuff in Bahasa Indonesia, I would still insert some English in between. Until then, I'll just leave it right here.

Anyways, as a trivia, I actually can also speak some Japanese, so yeah, more brain confusion 😂

See you on ma next post! Hopefully I'll do my third writing challenge lol.

Hey, wait, do you know Korean singer DEAN?

I like his song INSTAGRAM. The first time I heard that song was from Takeuchi Miyu's English Cover and I found it beautiful! Now I really want to cover it with my bass, Lele. Probably do a solo song, but damn I can't sing. Anyone interested in watching? 😂😂😂

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