[Makeup Review] 3CE Velvet Lip Tint #Going Right

Well, hello! I guess?

I know, I know I should be doing the second writing challengewhich is the fanfiction challengeright now. Thus, I've said in my writing challenge masterpost that writing fanfiction is one of my strongest points. Yet here we are, in spite of doing the challenge, I'm back with another make up product review. Yes, again, I know it doesn't feel right, but not ranting about my most recent findings in my make up history doesn't feel right either.

Anyways, my recent finding that we're gonna talk about today is another Korean beauty product so called 3CE Velvet Lip Tint. The only reason I have for buying it because I'm a millennial who suffers acute consumerism and I've sold my soul to Korean beauty products and the brand is famous, besides, I've done some research this time, and some beauty gurus on YouTube even stated that this lip tint is long-lasting, better than the Peripera Velvet Ink, with nicer scent and nicer finish, good color, etc, etc.

3CE Velvet Lip Tint packaging

3CE Velvet Lip Tint #Going Right

Look at the packaging above! It has nice weight and not so thin and perfect on your grip and looks expensive and also pretty! So pretty and mesmerizing and hypnotizing. I picked the right shade for me I guess, which is #Going Right, and the first time I applied it on my lips I immediately fell in love with the color. Again, I'm tan skinned, and of course I mean, look at the shade!

3CE Velvet Lip Tint #Going Right swatch
Nude lipstick first-timer a.k.a ME. Applying 3CE Velvet Lip Tint on my actual lips.
It does look good, right?
I'm sorry but the tempered glass on my phone cracked right on the front cam part.


Why is there always a but in a product that you assume would make you live happily ever after like a life of a Disney Princess? This is the segment I loathe the most, I swear. The most painful segment in this post, and any other posts about make up products, probably. The BUT segment.

Less than an hour after applying this 3CE lip tint onto my lips, I went out and ate some lunch at Yoshinoya, buying some gyudon and miso soup etc. At first I believed in the brand, that, at least for such price (IDR15K-ish), it would not fall off so easily, not transferring to the tableware whatsoever, but it did. It did. I need to bold that. And it did transfer so horribly on the glass I drank from. I tried to think positively, like, "It won't affect the color on my lips, right?". Then, after I'd done eating, I looked at my pocket mirror and found out this lip tint had turned even more horrible. What's the synonym of  the word horrible, exactly? Because I don't know how to describe this product any further than this.

The tint on my lips was not just cracking. It turned into dots of clumps that I had to swipe it off because it's embarrassing. That's a shame! Thing is, probably it's on me because I didn't take care of my lips. Maybe my lips were just too dry and dirty that this particular lip tint turned that way. But such thing never happened when I applied Peripera Lip Ink and my favorite Chateau Labiotte Wine Lip Tint. For this matter, I honestly have no idea. But I love the color, so I probably will stick to this 3CE lip tint for awhile until I buy other lip stuff.


Did I just buy a fake 3CE product? Or do you experience the same thing as I do?

Let's just hope I didn't get scammed because that would be awful. Haha. Anyways, do you have some nude lip stick/tint/ink recommendation that is good and affordable and at least last quite long? Especially for a tanned skin like me. I'll be eagerly try it out.

That is all for this post, guys. I've been looking for some prompts to fill my writing challenge and I think I have found a good one. And it's a thriller, I guess?

Have a good day!

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