Layout Change, Finally!

Hello, how are you doing?

It's been awhile now. Well, no, it's only like 12 days since the last time I posted something in this blog, so it's not that long ago. But I feel like I've been through so many things these days 😂. My band is having tight schedule especially this month, and I have another upcoming language proficiency test like two months from now on, and I need to remember at least six books of materials to pass my test, and my teacher... I shouldn't judge though, but I haven't been feeling comfortable with her teaching me 😅😅

So yeah. Going back and forth with only one aim in mind but each steps are very steep and dangerous and I am quite stressed that I suddenly forgot how to speak in public 😂.

Anyways, I've been dying to review some of my favorite skin cares that I use but because in one day we only have 24 hours I still can't find the right time to sit tight and write. That also happens with my brain when it comes to writing fictions. I tend to not be able to write any stories and/or fiction when I'm close to someone, which is suck. But I'll be coming back here with some updates for sure. Look, I've even updated my layout! I feel like my old layout is not that appealing so I changed it into this 😂😂 But is this appealing enough for you or should I change it to another layout again?

What do you think about my current layout?

Oh, I actually have a get-ready-with-me make up video but I kind of doubt to share it publicly. I mean, I'm ugly, and I'm not that good with make up either, and I'm not good with video editing so yeah. Here's an accidental pic of me once I finished filming my failed attempt grwm video. It's accidental, so it probably looks good for you. IT IS NOT, in reality.

I tempted to use glitter eyeshadow from Inez in this grwm, and I tried so hard to create a namidabukuro (what's the English for this? Eyebags? No? Tearbags? What?) effect but it turns out too dark I guess? I have very large eyes, what should I do with them 😂😂😂

That's it. That is about everything that I can say in this post. If you're looking for my social media, links are attached on the top-right corner of this page. Hit me up guys! Please? Hahaha.

Thank youuuu and see you soon!

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