Yet Another Band Performance Documentation of BST221B

Happy October 1st! It's 30 days to Halloween, how fast.

So, last weekend my band, BST221B, was invited to perform on a large-scaled Japanese Culture Festival in Yogyakarta, called Gambarimasu Hikari Matsuri 2018. Held by Gamabunta UGM, the festival was actually scheduled on this year's April, but due to technical reasons it was delayed until late September. We performed on Saturday evening, presenting only four covered songs, but were left happy.

I mean, it's been awhile since we performed on a large-scaled stage and with crowded audience so we were so pumped up, although there's only one popular song that we carried out. But so far we've only uploaded two cover songs on our Youtube channel, and those were of the less popular ones.

Here's the videos! Please support us by watching our documentaries, liking and also subscribing our channel, since your support means alot to us, I swear 😂😂

I play bass, so if you want to know how suck I am at playing that instrument, you may check it out using earphones or headphones. Judge me and then criticize in the comments section, I will be waiting 😥😢

I haven't planned to talk about anything yet but I'll see you on my next post!

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